Welcome to Pistol Annie’s Jewelry & Pawn

We are the biggest little pawn shop in the wild wild west! Our store has 1 1/4 acres of property where we have our pawn shop for all our goodies, and a warehouse for the big toys (like boats, Harley’s, hot rods and recreational toys). Pistol Annie’s is a lot different than most pawn shops.

Guitars & Music Equipment

You don’t have to be destitute or in trouble to visit a pawn shop. Savvy shoppers know, this is the place to find deals on all kinds of merchandise, along with unusual items that you won’t find in a typical store. It’s also the quickest way to borrow money if you are looking for a loan.

Your wife called, she said buy anything you want | Rifles & Shotguns Store Display

Your wife called, she said buy anything you want.

Nestled in Bonney Lake under Mt. Rainier, we specialize in jewelry, guns, gold, antiques, collectibles, all kinds of memorabilia, artwork, sporting goods, electronics and lots of other items of all kinds. We carry quality items of value in a clean, well organized store.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Pistol Annie’s Jewelry & Pawn

  1. Thanks for helping out the Lynden Pioneer Museum with the display and waving the fees so they could keep it up. Good job.

  2. Kudos to Melissa of Annie’s Jewelry and Pawn for stepping up and saving the WWII display firearms in a Washington museum from more knee-jerk anti-gun legislation. True American and Patriot! Great job!

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